Minister’s Fraternal

Ministry can be hard, frustrating, isolating and discouraging. Ministers’ Fraternals are an important way of providing prayer and support for those in ministry within the Church.

The Droylsden Fraternal meets on selected Wednesday mornings between 10am and 12 for prayer and teaching. Those attending come from a variety of Church traditions but we meet within an understanding of the historic Reformed Confessions of Faith. If you would like more information then please complete the contact form below.

Dates that have been arranged for the Droylsden Fraternal for 2020 are below.

  • Wednesday 04 March 2020: Walter Johnston – An overview and preaching from Mark’s gospel.
  • Wednesday 06 May 2020: Ian McNaughton – What of Impeccability? Could Jesus have sinned?
  • Wednesday 01 July 2020: Oliver Allmand-Smith – The Value of our Reformed Confessions.
  • Wednesday 07 October 2020 : Ian Densham – To Be Announced.